Building the Global Standard of Commerce for Skin, Beauty, Health, and Wellness

At Revieve, we see the future of commerce as inherently personal and driven by technology. Our pioneering spirit leads our restless innovation in supporting partners to provide the most personalized customer experiences. We help brands and retailers to meet the challenges of business transformation with the game-changing CV, AI, and AR technology.

One significant change we see is how the notion of beauty, traditionally associated with external appearance, is significantly shifting towards adopting a more holistic approach in beauty, health, and wellness. We believe that beauty experiences are converging in meaningful ways. With our philosophy to be ahead of the curve, we always look around the corner to provide our partners with digital touch across all beauty verticals with our enterprise platform. We are your partner in achieving greatness together, driving business growth, and delivering superior beauty experiences.
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Our Story

In 2016, Revieve was founded because we genuinely believed that everyone should have access to personalized customer experiences in beauty.  With headquarters in Chicago, US, and Helsinki, Finland, Revieve pioneered in highly developed selfie skin analysis and virtual try-on technology combined with AI-powered product recommendations. Through these proprietary, sophisticated technologies, we built tangible business value for our partners by helping them provide one-of-a-kind, consumer-powered skin and beauty experiences for their customers across all brand touchpoints.

Today, consumers are expecting personalization in all areas of their lives. With our latest expansion to health and wellness, we’re continuing to be the industry forerunner and personalize the future of commerce with continuous innovation and expertise.

Revieve Platform

With our all-in-one enterprise platform, we help brands and retailers to accelerate digital transformation and business value by creating highly personalized and meaningful customer experiences. Our world-class AI -technology empowers you to drive commerce excellence across easy-to-use self-diagnostic modules throughout the customer journey.
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AI Skincare Advisor

Detect the broadest range of skin health -related factors to provide your customers with the most accurate product recommendations.
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AR Makeup Advisor

Help your customers discover the best matching makeup products and empower try-before-buy shopping experiences.
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AI Nutrition Advisor

Recommend your customers the most optimal beauty supplement regimens that adapt to each individual’s health and wellness goals.
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AI Suncare Advisor

24/7 digital suncare expert to encourage your customers to adopt the ultimate suncare routine to best match their own skin type and lifestyle.
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Our values


Revieve is committed to the highest degree of security, privacy, and reliability of our platform to ensure that you, as our partner, can provide the most trustworthy and authentic services for your customers.
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We value your and your customers’ privacy and comply with the strongest privacy protection policies, so you can focus on delivering the best possible personalized experiences.
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Revieve’s enterprise-grade CCPA and GDPR-compliant infrastructure for data transmission, processing, and storage ensures the protection and privacy of any data entrusted to Revieve.
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The highest-level security procedures executed at all levels of development and production make Revieve the industry-leader in security.
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We pride ourselves on the best-in-class transparency of data collection and data management.


Our continuous drive for cutting-edge technological discoveries and an innovative approach enables us to speed up the development process that responds to the changing customer needs, partners’ expectations, and the latest market trends.
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In-house technological excellence

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Highly personalized AI-powered recommendations

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Continuous high-standard platform development

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Advanced CV - algorithm


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Europe HQ
Mannerheimintie 18A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
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Chicago Connectory, 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 570, Chicago, IL 60654.
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Tech Hub
Center of Excellence - Valencia, Spain
Other locations
Stuttgart, Germany - Shanghai, China - London, England - Toronto, Canada - Curitiba, Paraná Brazil - Guadalajara, Mexico