The Single Consumer-Centric Platform

Revieve’s sophisticated enterprise platform helps brands and retailers to accelerate business value by creating personalized interactive consumer experiences. Our cutting-edge technology enables you to do commerce across modules for all beauty verticals and across all brand touchpoints.

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1 ) All-in-One Platform

Build and activate skin-beauty customer profiles thanks to advanced computer vision technology and sophisticated AI-algorithms. Effectively manage, synergize all the data across multiple sources and further transform them into actionable insights for instant personalization in real time.

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2 ) Best-in-Class Modules

Our platform approach and vision of the future enables building an ecosystem around skin, beauty, health, and wellness.

AI Skincare Advisor
Detect the broadest range of skin health -related factors to provide your customers with the most accurate product recommendations.
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AR Makeup Advisor
Help your customers discover the best matching makeup products and empower try-before-buy shopping experiences.
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AI Nutrition Advisor
Recommend your customers the most optimal beauty supplement regimens that adapt to each individual’s health and wellness goals.
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AR Suncare Advisor
24/7 digital suncare expert to encourage your customers to adopt the ultimate suncare routine to best match their skin type and lifestyle.
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3 ) Extensible Platform with 3rd Party Integrations

We work closely with our partners for future growth and success. We provide insights of powerful 3rd party solutions to develop leading additional capabilities to further connect with your consumers. Revieve’s platform has the flexibility to adjust according to partners’ business needs and preferences.

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4 ) Seamless Transition Between Digital and Physical Brand Touchpoints

Provide consumers with the most personalized and superior customer experiences in an in-store environment and on online channels. The platform is compatible with all digital devices and all operating systems to ensure the true omnichannel experience.

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5 ) Let Your Customers Shop the Way They Like

Revieve’s platform can be used as a self-service to help your customers navigate through the endless options of products offered online and offline. With the power of technology, the solution encourages your customers to purchase products beyond what they were initially looking for, in the comfort of their own environment.

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6 ) Superpower Your Beauty Consultants

Empower the beauty consultants in recommending unbiased and justified products and treatments. Guide your customers through the AI-powered experience to offer more in-depth assistance and high-level expertise.

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1) Easy to use

Consumers can upload a selfie and the platform will instantly provide detailed diagnostics and recommendations of specific products and treatments tailored to their needs and personal preferences. The analysis is fast and easy to use, and the experience is as effortless, yet educating for all your consumers.

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2 ) Fast Deployment and Frictionless Integration

Revieve has the fastest deployable and scalable platform that can be elegantly integrated into any digital ecosystem. Short deployment time compared to other solution providers due to the productization of the modules.

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3) World-Class IT Architecture

A solid, highly dependable, and unbreakable IT infrastructure, that is built to quickly adapt to traffic fluctuations and to allow you to deliver the most reliable and seamless real-time experience for the end consumer.

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4) Highest Degree of Security

The best-in-class security of the platform is ensured by the strongest security and privacy protection procedures executed at all levels of development and production. CCPA and GDPR-compliant infrastructure for data transmission, processing, and storage to ensure the protection and privacy of any data entrusted to Revieve.

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Build Your Future Commerce With #1 Platform for Skin, Beauty, Health and Wellness

Through our continued expertise and innovation, we see the future of commerce as inherently personal and driven by technology. Partner with Revieve to skyrocket business value by creating personalized interactive consumer experiences.
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